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马崑杰 l 中国香港艺术家 

马崑杰, 1970年生于中国香港,为一个多媒体艺术家。他毕业于多伦多大学经济系,以及加拿大辛力加学院视觉艺术系;师承著名艺术家Theo Dimson,其学术流派则源自于加拿大七大艺术家 (The Group of Seven) ,为 Franklin Carmichael 的直系弟子。

马崑杰现为香港视觉艺术及文化协会、香港艺乐艺术学校,及礼杰信画廊主席。他旅居北美洲多年,于当地画廊及艺术中心举办多次展览,亦于香港举行了多次团体及个人展览。设计方面,与跨国企业如美国的GE Capital Real Estate 及Home Depot,法国Carlon Wagonit Travel 合作的作品屡获国际大奖。他的艺术创作,油画及摄影创作均为全球藏家珍藏。学术方面,他桃李满门,任教的学生包括很多现任艺术家、策展人及美术教师,以及社会上各阶层人仕;其中包括前澳大利亚国家艺术中心董事及行政总裁、以及前中国香港欧盟领事,皆为马崑杰门下学生。

Artist Bio

Ben Ma Kwan Kit was born in 1970 in Hong Kong, China. He graduated from the University of Toronto’s Economics department and the Visual Arts department of Seneca College in Canada. He studied under the famous artist Theo Dimson, who was a direct disciple of Franklin CarMichael, one of the leading members of the “Group of Seven” in Canada.

Ma is currently the Chairman of the Hong Kong Visual Arts and Culture Association, Art Loft Art School, and the Opus 130 Gallery. He has lived in North America for many years, holding multiple exhibitions in local galleries and art centers. He has also held many group and individual exhibitions in Hong Kong. He has collaborated on arts and design projects with multinational companies such as GE Capital Real Estate and Home Depot in the United States, and Carlon Wagonit Travel in France, and his design works have won many international awards. His artistic creations, oil paintings, and photography are treasured by collectors around the world. Academically, he teaches a wide range of students, including many current artists, curators, and art teachers, as well as people from all walks of life. Among them, the former Director and CEO of the Australian National Art Centre and the former Deputy Head of Office at European Union in Hong Kong, China were his students.